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Choose to live. . .

Choosing to live rather than simply exist.

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Choose To Live was basically created for people who have made the conscious choice to live rather than simply exist. To move outside their comfort zones and buck conventional views of. . .well, pretty much everything. Of what it means to be fit, of what it means to be pretty, of what it means to be alive.

We've all been there: trying to change our lifestyle or our outlook on life, only to give up because of lack of support or information. Well, now we have a place to go for all the chit-chat, support, and information we need. Choose To Live is a forum for those of us who want to live full, enriching lives. Here, we share tips on eating healthy, exercise, culture, art, anything that makes your life more fulfilling!

So, if you're trying to be get healthy, or just trying to do something with your life (rather than just taking up space), this is the place for you.

Welcome. :)